Château Ramage La Batisse

Château Ramage La Batisse, Cru Bourgeois du Haut-Médoc, is located in Saint-Sauveur near

Pauillac and its famous Crus Classés. Previously, it included parcels of the former estates

of Ramage, La Bâtisse and Tourteran, which are now part of a single estate. A

18th century manor house is at the center of the property.

57 hectares of vines in production, with an average age of about forty years, with a

with a very Medoc-like grape variety, harmoniously distributed between cabernet-sauvignon, merlot,

with a touch of petit-verdot and cabernet-franc. A very traditional vinification,

in barrels make this wine regularly quoted as one of the best of the appellation.

of the appellation.

Château Ramage La Batisse produces:

- another Cru Bourgeois, Château Tourteran,

- a second wine: L'Enclos de Ramage or R de Ramage,

- and a rosé, La Rosée de Ramage.

Château Ramage La Batisse has received the HVE (High Environmental Value) quality label.

The high environmental value (HVE) corresponds to the most demanding level of an environmental

environmental certification of farms. The environmental certification of farms is a voluntary

farms is a voluntary process that aims to identify and promote the most environmentally friendly practices

respectful of the environment implemented by farmers. It focuses on

four key themes: the preservation of biodiversity, plant health strategy, fertilization management

fertilization and water resource management.

This label guarantees a high level of environmental performance of the farm.


MACIF - a mutual insurance company - has owned this castle since 1986. It has

invested a lot in the improvement and maintenance of the vineyard and the cellars, in the respect of

traditions and with the aim of producing high quality wines.

Each year, the wines of Châteaux Ramage La Batisse and Tourteran, as well as the second wines,

win numerous medals, awards and mentions in the most renowned competitions and in the

and in the specialized press in France and in the world.